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Financial Planning and Analysis

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Cloud-based, Deep FP&A functionalities, Smart Workflow, Limited Consulting, 
 Reasonable Pricing

EFP offers an in-depth and sophisticated solution for reporting & analysis, consolidation, budgeting, and dashboarding to complement your use of ERP system.
EFP strikes a unique balance between offering heavy weight FP&A features and ease of use.
Its non-compromising approach to performance and usability ensures the finance team has a unified solution they can depend on. From powerful drill to journal, no coding dashboard setup, superior report formatting options, sensible budget workflow, and overall ease of use, finance teams are guaranteed a reliable operational tool.
*Cloud and on-premises option available
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Drive strategy across the organization

FP&A tools today are also becoming an indispensable partner in driving strategy across the organization. Epicor Financial Planner helps finance teams to work closely with executives to help them boost their financial performance by delving into operational metrics.

Enrich your business continuity plans

FP&A software like EFP Cloud can enrich your business continuity plans with financial budgeting, cash flow automation, scenario management, and reliable forecasts so you can plan for the future.

EFP Strong Points

Pragmatic Access and Workflow Management

  • Easy workflow access management
  • Easy role-access management
  • Easy organizational hierarchy modification
  • Simplified and pragmatic workflow process
  • Collaborative approval process
  • Transparent and well defined task assignments

Multi and Unlimited Support

  • Multi-currencies support
  • Multi-companies support
  • Multi-scenarios support
  • Multi-modules support
  • Unlimited upgrade possibilities

Improved Accuracy and Accountability

  • Self-check mechanisms
  • Transparent Task Tracking and Management
  • No formulas stored in Excel
  • Enforced and Standardized Business Ruless
  • Cause of Change and Commentary Journalism

Strong System integration

  • Integrates natively with all Epicor ERP systems
  • Integrates with non-Epicor ERP systems
  • Connects to legacy line of business systems
  • SIE4 support
  • Excel Load Import Support

Epicor Financial Planner – the Smart and Modern Way of Working

Using EFP within your organization is like employing extra pair of hands and several brains to help you do your accounting work more effectively. It is like having several senior finance consultants in your team. You get high quality output without having to pay for the same amount of hours and dollar value.

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