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Why Budget Allocation and Monitoring is Crucial for Businesses

Budgetary allocation and monitoring play a crucial role in organizational financial planning. Not only does it ensure the business can continue to operate efficiently, but it is also indicative of the organization’s current resources. When companies fail to set budget allocation limits, there’s a si...

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Top 3 Alternatives to Traditional Budgeting

Throughout the years, many businesses have struggled with the limitations of traditional budgeting. On top of it taking too much time because of having to use spreadsheets, many people think this time is better used on more important business initiatives.


Because of the inherent use of spreads...

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Importance of a Budgeting Software for Business Continuity Planning

Every business today is faced every day with the threat of disruption and constant change.


Business continuity planning is all about planning and taking active preparations to ensure your business can deal with and continue functioning throughout a disaster or crisis with minimal disruption....

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Financial Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting in the Current Business Climate

Successful businesses consist mainly of the right choices, among which is how to go about in its financial budgeting. 

The current trend in the corporate world has placed greater importance in budgeting, planning, and forecasting (BP&F). This is a system of operation usually managed by ...

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CBN will talk about EFP as a Reporting Tool at Insights 2019

Denise Ballinger - the Senior Project Manager at Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc will attend Epicor Insights 2019 and talk about their migration experience from FRx to Epicor Financial Planner (EFP).

She will share the details behind why they chose EFP as their reporting and budgeting tool instea...

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