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For two decades now, Epicor Financial Planner (EFP) has been helping businesses extract critical business insights from their data.

EFP rises to the challenge of most companies which is to support the aggressive and global nature of business growth while still supporting the decision-making process ...
19.12.18 07:08 PM - Comment(s)
It is not difficult to convince CFOs or Finance Managers these days to invest in a new reporting or budgeting system. Almost everyone is convinced their entire budgeting and reporting process could use drastic improvements in order to send invoices better, manage inventory needs better, create more ...
03.04.18 06:35 PM - Comment(s)
There is a wealth of information online explaining why finance departments must move away from doing reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidating in Excel spreadsheets. There are of course many different reasons of why moving away from spreadsheets is a good idea and among them are that they...
28.02.18 04:07 PM - Comment(s)

Most solutions and programs operate in the cloud now. It wasn´t too long ago when many organizations had serious concerns about working in the cloud. To be fair, they were valid concerns.

In the finance world, the shift to the cloud has been quite slow in the beginning. For many CFOs back then, the ...
21.11.17 08:17 PM - Comment(s)
Anyone that has had the experience of doing traditional budgeting and forecasting annually knows it is an unnecessarily painful process.

There are a number of issues that arise during the process and the outputs quickly become irrelevant when too much time is needed to complete them. This leads to f...
15.11.17 09:19 PM - Comment(s)