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Dealing with Cloud Security for Financial Management System

Most businesses today have already adopted cloud financial management systems for their financial operations. And while many of these organizations are reaping the rewards of seamless integration, advanced FP&A capabilities, and automation for their day-to-day financial tasks, many others who ar...

09.12.20 10:59 AM - Comment(s)
The Importance of Budget Variance Analysis in Your Business Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting

With businesses having to deal with market changes left and right, resolving budget issues quickly and learning how to best respond to the competition is crucial to winning. 


Budget variance analysis is a critical step in proper budgeting, planning, and forecasting. It involves understandi...

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Improve Financial Data and Corporate Decision Making with Cloud-based FP&A Software

CFO surveys show that over 40% of finance leaders turn to advanced or automated software to streamline tasks like budgeting and forecasting. However, software adoption has been much slower than most finance leaders would like because of internal implementation problems.


But there is no questio...

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Adopting Cloud-Based Budgeting and Forecasting Software to suit Work from Home Situations

The current pandemic has brought on a massive change in how businesses and companies operate. More and more businesses are moving to a remote work arrangement for different industries, including financial teams. The need for an effective cloud-based budgeting and forecasting software that is easily ...

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Why Cloud is Needed in Your Journey to Real Digital Transformation

With the fast-paced change in the environment for businesses, companies must also keep up with the changes. And with the recent development in technology, companies must also integrate these developments into their business process to ensure that they can quickly achieve their financial and operatio...

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