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Monthly financial closing for most businesses is a stressful period. If you are a finance personnel, you know that at the last week of every month, you and your colleagues scramble to pull the numbers together, cross check them for accuracy, and then create reports out of them that clearly show crit...
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Closing of the Books: A Game of Manipulating Decisions
When it comes to accounting games, finance analysts, accountants, CFOs or investors immediately focus on costs accrual in its financial reports. These accounting games in the finance world such as overprovision to drive artificial inflation or underprovision to delay expense recognition or loss are ...
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The yearend is a busy time for all finance analysts but more than just being a busy time, many finance personnel actually dread performing the task of consolidating financial statements as it is tedious work and despite having many guidelines to assist in making this process as smooth and painless a...
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