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5 Challenges Finance Teams Face Today and How to Overcome Them

Gone are the days when FP&A teams were limited to just reporting numbers. From helping executives wade through business losses to making sure everything is in order for businesses to operate seamlessly day after day, the value they bring to every organization is challenging to measure. Therefore...

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Variance Analysis What Level Is Acceptable?

What is variance analysis? And what role does it play in monitoring the performance of an organization against its targeted goals? 


It’s natural for organizations to lose track of their targets. But when your business’s actual results are not in sync with the overall financial plan, this c...

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Finance leaders are tasked to create high levels of financial visibility across the organization to help drive growth and profitability.

This is why conversations on new technology and best practices around accounting practices are steadily rising in popularity.

Today, many organizations still do not ...

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In an era of short attention span and decision fatigue, it is important for financial reports to be clear, simplified, and relevant.

These financial reports must be short enough for people to want to read it but comprehensive enough for it to touch on critical aspects of the business. Obviously, all ...

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Honest Take on Implementing New FP&A technology by CEO – Jan Morath

Are you currently evaluating different budgeting and reporting solutions? Are you anxious about what might go wrong during deployments?

Meet the CEO behind Epicor Financial Planner - Jan Morath, as he talks about the FP&A process, cloud option, when to admit it is time to adopt new technology, an...

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