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Top 5 KPIs for Finance Departments In Their Dashboard

Finance departments regularly track and update essential key performance indicators (KPIs) that help them understand their business better. But with so many financial KPIs available, how do you know which one is worth paying attention to? It’s always a good idea to know why you’re tracking a specifi...

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The Financial Benefits of Automated Planning and Reporting

Due to their popularity and ease of use, spreadsheets are a significant financial planning and reporting tool for many organizations. Simplified spreadsheets can be helpful for personal productivity, but they do not enable cooperation and are susceptible to corruption and human mistake.

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What is Decision Intelligence in Finance?

Decision intelligence empowers businesses to think smart and react to business drivers faster by combining technology and real-time insights into one. 


Using artificial intelligence and decision intelligence tools helps today’s financial departments balance risk, seize new possibilities, a...

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5 Indicators It's Time to Implement Finance Automation Software

When it comes to improving business processes, finance automation has steadily made its mark in many organizations looking to go above and beyond how they push for growth. With so many businesses turning to technology to guide the next steps, automation will inevitably contribute to leading organiza...

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Are finance departments ready for machine learning and AI technology?

Recently, we've seen an increase in industries and sectors adopting AI and machine learning technology not only to respond to disruptive trends but also to begin a more customer-centric transformation. 


Today, 46% of large financial institutions have identified artificial intelli...

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