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Top Financial KPIs Finance Managers Must Keep Track Of

Organizations use financial KPIs to track, measure, and analyze the financial health of their company. Successful businesses need to have a better understanding of their financial KPIs to track their business growth. Part of designing the correct business plan is knowing which financial KPIs to empl...

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Financial Dashboard KPIs using Epicor Financial Planner

A financial dashboard is a dashboard that lets you see how well a business is doing financially. KPIs are a type of dashboard that includes all of the essential metrics you need to watch your performance. However, these KPIs must be chosen carefully for the most critical performance.



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5 Financial KPIs to Help Measure your Business Performance

When running a business, it’s difficult to rely on just your gut instinct all the time, especially when it comes to financial reporting. It would help if you were objective rather than subjective when determining your company’s financial health.


One way to objectively track the health of your b...

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What Finance Professionals Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence technologies are now predominant in financial institutions because of their superior performance when dealing with raw unstructured data. Machine learning, a subset of AI, is considered a game-changer for finance professionals because it digests data and automates learning ap...

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Machine Learning in Finance Goes Mainstream

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in finance are predicted to provide financial organizations with competitive advantages by boosting efficiencies, reducing costs, and improving the service quality. These competitive advantages can benefit financial consumers by increasing the quality and...

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