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Recommended Strategies in Profitability Analysis for 2023

Good profitability analysis can make all the difference for companies looking to grow and expand in core areas. This is because having a clear understanding of where your profits are coming from can provide stockholders and stakeholders the information they need to decide ...

21.06.22 08:00 AM - Comment(s)
Financial KPIs You Need To Track For Your Business

Understanding finance department KPIs can help you make better decisions and increase your business prospects for your company. It can give you the information you need to harness your resources and bring more value to your business. When you have a better g...

08.06.22 10:43 AM - Comment(s)
Critical Factors in Succeeding with Business Management Software Implementation

You'll reach a point in your business's growth where you've outgrown your current business management solution as your company grows further. Upgrading to a more robust business management solution is the next logical step. 

Know more about EFP Packages h...

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The Financial Impact of Climate Change

It used to be possible for business leaders to assume that the costly consequences of global warming would not be felt for decades. However, this assumption is no longer valid. Extreme weather patterns, mega-fires, and policy shifts toward a low-carbon economy can be put on the back burner by those ...

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Is Machine Learning in Financial Management Relevant for Manufacturing Companies?

Machine learning offers several key benefits in financial management, all arising from finance teams having access to more valuable data from multiple sources. This empowers companies with advanced insights and more sophisticated queries by which to guide crucial business ...

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