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Anticipating The Impact of COVID-19 in Financial Close and Reporting

Several months into the pandemic, there is still much uncertainty and volatility seen in most markets. This uncertainty is expected to impact the financial close and reporting process of organizations. 


With the year coming to a close, it is crucial to understand how COVID19 can affect you...

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4 Ways to Streamline Your Financial Closing Process

Making smart financial decisions is what keeps organizations competitive. It also ensures that organizations are making fair use of their time and financial resources for activities that generate real value. Streamlining the financial close process and getting more accurate reports play...

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Tips for CFOs on How to Create Compelling Monthly Board Reports

Monthly board reports play a crucial role for organizations to measure performance. However, not all monthly financial board reports are created the same. Most board reports have too much content but not enough real value that directors can use to make informed business decisions. 

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Are you Automating your Report Creation and Distribution today?

The benefits of adopting a financial management system or financial reporting software are known. Gone are those days when finance teams still need to manually collect, consolidate, and format tasks. 


Today, many finance departments' focus has been to move away from mundane and repetitive ...

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What Makes Beautiful and Decision-Driving Reports?

Financial reports play a crucial role in keeping your business afloat, ensuring critical financial processes stay transparent and efficient. 


The following key features in a financial reporting software solution helps make decision-driving reports. 


Efficient Financial Reports Ar...

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