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Why EFP Is the Best Financial Reporting Software for 2023 

Is there a way for your finance department to become more efficient while still being able to contribute to the company’s long-term success?  

In the past few years, many companies continue to grapple with new technology to ensure their teams can work smarter, not harder. However, for finan...

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Why Use EFP for Financial Reporting

When tracking business performance, having access to reliable data and reports is crucial to draw an accurate conclusion and decide on the right course of action. 


Companies of all sizes often struggle not just with mining data but also with financial reporting. 


Shareholders, bo...

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Importance of Real-time Financial Reporting Data

Financial reporting presents a variety of challenges to companies but it also paves the way for business leaders to make better decisions and move forward confidently with their future strategies. 


Some of the common challenges of financial reporting ...

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Reducing Financial Reporting Risks With Epicor Financial Planner

Financial directors at various companies are fighting an enormous challenge, dealing with ever-stricter regulatory requirements, high volatility, and unanticipated events. Yet, they also have to deal with poor economic growth and meager interest rates through it all.


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The Benefits of Transparency in Financial Reporting

Regularly sharing financial data and insights with key stakeholders is part and parcel to finance team members. But sharing financial data with other company members can help them get a better picture of the overall organization's current performance. 


Financial transparency within your or...

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