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Why EFP Is the Best Financial Reporting Software for 2023 

Is there a way for your finance department to become more efficient while still being able to contribute to the company’s long-term success?  

In the past few years, many companies continue to grapple with new technology to ensure their teams can work smarter, not harder. However, for finan...

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Epicor Financial Planner successfully attends EUG event at Leicester, UK
Epicor Financial Planner is a solid and subscription-based solution for financial reporting & analysis, budgeting & forecasting, and consolidation. It is a complete financial management solution offering four packaging levels ranging from reporting only to its comprehensive FP&A offering...
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Important Issues That Epicor Financial Planner Can Help Address in Financial Reporting 

Working in finance can be exciting and rewarding, but it has its share problems. Although most businesses recognize the importance of data integrity and accuracy, they also face a mounting challenge in managing their financial data's increasing volume and co...

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Business Budgeting Apps: How Effective Are They?

According to polls, one of the primary goals of finance managers is to enhance their planning and forecasting. Despite technology developments, budgeting and forecasting remain significant issues for many firms, regardless of size or industry.  

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4 Ways to Use a Budget Tool to Help Your Business

Using a modern business budgeting tool can result in significant gains, improve effectiveness, and lead to faster, data-driven decision-making. As a finance manager, you're probably interested in digital services for your finance team. Still, you may not have had time to advance due to your expandin...

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