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We have now moved to a new website!

To make it easier for our customers and partners to reach us, we have now moved from our old website ( to the new website ( So, make sure your bookmarks are updated. But don't worry, when you access the old link, you will still be redirected to this new website. 


17.09.19 10:00 AM - Comment(s)
Attention CAMs and SEs: Epicor Ignite 2019!

Epicor Ignite is just a few weeks away. As you enter a new and challenging fiscal year ahead, the EFP team would like to extend its helping hand because your success is ours as well.

The EFP team represented by Jan Morath, Håkan Ebersjö, Errah Cavallin, and David Bourget will be flying to Orlando on ...

12.09.19 02:54 PM - Comment(s)

Excel continues to be used within finance departments. On the one hand, it is completely understandable because Excel was and still is a powerful tool capable of doing great things. On the other hand, the continued use of excel even in less ideal circumstances can perhaps be brought about by inexper...

22.07.19 07:04 PM - Comment(s)

Finance leaders are tasked to create high levels of financial visibility across the organization to help drive growth and profitability.

This is why conversations on new technology and best practices around accounting practices are steadily rising in popularity.

Today, many organizations still do not ...

18.07.19 06:34 PM - Comment(s)
EFP´s Less Understood Space within Epicor Reporting & Analytics

In the last couple of months, we have heard comments from some prospects saying “I didn´t know EFP did reporting. I thought it was only for budgeting and planning until our consultants kept recommending it to us.”

This somehow makes sense because for the longest time, we have always marketed EFP or E...

24.06.19 10:24 PM - Comment(s)