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When Should You Be Reforecasting?

Forecasting is a critical component of strategic finance, so it should not be a one-time event at the end of the month. Knowing when and how to reforecast is as vital as doing the initial forecasting if you want to be intelligent and future-ready.


Companies that create a blueprint for success t...

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Top Ideas on How to Make Sales Forecasting Successful

Research shows that sales forecasting accuracy has been shown to increase the likelihood of organizations meeting their revenue and sales goals by over 7%. Sales forecasting can provide you with that extra inch of power to reach your annual goals and maintain year-over-year growth.

In addition to pro...

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Why You Need A Drill Down Functionality in Expense Management

In business intelligence, a drill-down functionality can simplify reports and help companies gather crucial insights to plan their next steps or set up goals for the future. 


In a sense, having a drill-down functionality in your business intelligence tool allows any user to review your fin...

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How to Improve Profitability and Cash Flow Forecasting

Many businesses have turned over simply because of poor cash flow. In fact, 82% of small businesses fail because of poor cash flow. 

While it may not sound too threatening at first, a lack of cash flow in your business can indicate a real problem. Many business executives have made the mistake o...

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5 Easy Steps to Effective Corporate Budgeting

Having a well-structured approach to budgeting and resource allocation is crucial for any growing company to meet its daily operational expenses. However, many internal teams often complain about the lengthy process or the need to align themselves with unrealistic goals. Leaders are oft...

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