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Webinar: Digital Transformation Challenges - Start on The Right Track with Epicor Financial Planner  
About the Webinar: 

Only 30% of digital transformations succeed. 

Many fail because of not being able to meet their desired outcomes – in quality, time and costs. A lot of companies are also unable to meet deadlines, fail to stay within budget and are unable to achieve their key objectives.&...
16.09.22 07:17 AM - Comment(s)
Webinar: Achieving A Painless Migration of Your Preferred Reports and Budgets into EFP from Excel and other Systems
Join this webinar and learn how EFP can give you a successful and painless migration path towards improved Reporting and Budgeting.
07.07.22 09:44 AM - Comment(s)
Webinar: Catching Up On The Latest In Epicor Financial Planner
This webinar will walk you through the latest features and significant enhancements of the products you may or may not know yet.
24.01.22 03:33 AM - Comment(s)
Webinar: Easing the challenges of Consolidating financial results across business units and borders
Improving your financial reporting and consolidation processes greatly impact the value that finance departments bring to the organization. Join our webinar as we show you the current and emerging trends in the EFP technology for consolidation.
12.11.21 10:44 AM - Comment(s)
Webinar: Boosting the Efficacy of Budgeting through EFP´s Machine learning powered Budgeting & Forecasting Capability
There is no shortage of vendors selling budgeting & forecasting solutions today. In one way, it is remarkable that customers have a wide array of software to choose from. On the other, one has to ask the important questions– what makes a budgeting solution effective? When is it not good enough? ...
04.10.21 08:25 AM - Comment(s)