CFO Challenges: Automation & Technology Implementation (3 of 5)

Today, many companies embrace technology in new ways, with successes that drive revenue growth while keeping employees remotely connected. Implementing different technology to facilitate automation will be a crucial challenge for CFOs in 2023 and beyond.   


A quarter of CFOs say they ...

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DSPanel Joins Epicor

DSPanel is excited to announce that we are joining Epicor, a global leader of industry-specific enterprise software. The acquisition brings together two companies tightly aligned in helping organizations get to the right insights at the right time and take action to maximize business performance.

In ...

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CFO Challenges: Dealing with Outdated & Contrasting Data (2 of 5)

In our previous article, we talked about the first challenge for CFOs in 2023. As a CFO, you’re also tasked with making financial decisions based on data that must be accurate and up-to-date. But when your company is dealing with outdated and disparate data, how can you make informed decisions? In t...

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CFO Challenges To Watch Out For In 2023: Labor Problems (1 of 5)

How can CFOs approach new problems in 2023? Recent shocking incidents demand creativity and a revamp of business procedures to flourish in 2023.   


Since 2019, CFOs have experienced a deluge of significant shock events that have affected their strategic growth plans and daily operations,...

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EFP- Top 5 Performing Content for 2022  

On this end-of-year special, we give you a quick round-up of our top five performing content for 2022 that you may have missed ...

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