Business Budgeting Apps: How Effective Are They?

15.11.22 01:30 PM By admin

According to polls, one of the primary goals of finance managers is to enhance their planning and forecasting. Despite technology developments, budgeting and forecasting remain significant issues for many firms, regardless of size or industry.  

Businesses require a financial budgeting system to keep tabs on corporate spending and generate accurate invoices.  

Manual budgets and spreadsheets are rarely considered when building a corporate or personal budget.  

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It turns out to be a time-consuming and challenging task. Several successful companies are overcoming budgeting and forecasting challenges by incorporating new technologies, such as business budgeting apps and following progressive companies' lead in adopting best practices. They can use these systems to develop realistic budgets, save time, increase collaboration, and make more competent judgments.  

Business budgeting apps like Epicor Financial Planner help organizations and individuals create, manage, monitor, and alter budgets. The program has been around for a long time – one of the first apps on personal computers was a spreadsheet. It aided organizations and people in keeping track of their data in an easy and orderly manner. It also enhances accuracy by reducing human error, which is common when manually preparing budgets.  

Furthermore, as a business budgeting app, it can automate reminders ensuring that customers do not go over budget or engage in suspicious transactions.  

How A Business Budgeting App Makes Things More Convenient  


It simplifies budgeting  

Budgeting software automatically updates multiple types of accounts, including income, cost of goods sold, and expenditures. It saves businesses time because they don't have to manually update every transaction and build a budget for the following year.  


Ensures dependability  

Because different types of accounts are constantly updated, there are fewer chances of making mistakes. Such detailed data enhance the dependability of budgets and projections, allowing businesses to make more informed decisions. This is because it provides a long-term view of the company.  


Saves money  

Cloud-based budgeting software, as opposed to traditional budgeting software, helps businesses to save money by just paying monthly or yearly subscription fees. Third-party interfaces for services that aren't critical to the firm, such as payroll, are also included in the cloud-based budgeting software.  

Functionality and ease of use  

It is crucial to think about the following issues while talking about accessibility.  

  • How many people are going to utilize the tool?  

  • Which would you instead use, a desktop program or a web-based system?  

  • Is it necessary to have a mobile app for your accounting software?  

  • What features do you require from the app?  

Business today cannot function without mobile capabilities. That's why it's essential to employ straightforward accounting software. In other words, you need a setup that grants you constant, anywhere-and-at-any-time access to data in real-time.  

Since many installations may be made with cloud-based solutions, they are the best option. This way, you'll be able to get the information you need when you need it. When choosing a financial solution, you should also consider how easy it is to use.  

The best option is one with a straightforward interface that makes learning and using it a breeze, even if the comprehensive ones are more difficult to use because of all the features they offer.  


Excel-based reports that are inaccurate due to incorrect calculations or broken ties might make it difficult to assess the numbers underlying variations immediately. Lacking efficient financial reporting and planning tools makes assessing variation a more laborious task than it needs to be.  

You may have more faith in your figures and boost company-wide transparency with the help of Epicor Financial Planner (EFP), an all-in-one business solution that improves financial budgeting and planning. EFP makes it easy to compare actual outcomes to anticipated ones and to calculate discrepancies.  

If you'd want your company to adopt a more standardized and sensible approach to financial budgeting and variance analysis, look at the packages Epicor Financial Planner offers and set up a free trial. 

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