EFP´s Best Practice Reporting

08.10.19 12:00 PM By admin

Many consultants and Epicor partners are aware of EFP´s robust reporting abilities. However, there are still many customers that are not aware of this which is why during solution evaluation phase of customers, they are somehow shocked when their trusted consultants push forward EFP as a reporting solution.

For most, they know EFP as a financial budgeting and planning solution. That isn´t wrong either because it does that too. However, an exciting aspect of EFP that truly delivers is its best practice reporting.

What does that mean?

It means EFP has removed the complexity in explaining complex financial reports through advanced visualizations.

With EFP, you can get sales and budget dashboards, balance sheet, income statements, expense reports, cash flow, P&L calculations, and variance calculations.

EFP is also packed with features which allows you, as a user, to build sophisticated reports in just a few minutes. Features like expand/collapse, drill to journal details, drill down, drill through, responsive chart layouts, customizable table layouts, and a fully customizable design.

EFP´s drag and drop report wizard is what makes creating sophisticated reports easy to make. You simply specify the parameters of your reports and after just a few clicks, you get the reports you need.

The reports in EFP are easy to tweak, recreate and change. In fact, some customers even link up their reports to their power point decks which they use during board meetings. It simply flows through smoothly.

Another great use of EFP as a reporting tool is by a customer that used to create over 250 reports manually. After they started using EFP, they went down to just 2 master reports from 250. How it works is that EFP allows them to create just 2 master reports which they can express in hundreds of ways, so they still are able to produce as many reports as needed without having to manually create them. Everything is controlled by security access when they distribute the reports.

There are many other fascinating stories about EFP´s reporting abilities. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Come see a free online demo so you can see it firsthand.

You can even request for a free 30-day trial with your own data. Inquire by emailing info@dspanel.com.

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