EFP Introduces its Newest Financial Reports Package as an Option to Replace AFR for Advanced Reporting Needs and Requirements

10.08.20 07:28 AM By Admin

Los Altos, California - Epicor Financial Planner (EFP), a complete FP&A solution, has announced the release of its new SaaS reporting package – Financial Reports by EFP.


The release of this new reporting package is an answer to Epicor no longer delivering enhancements on AFR as of June 2020. AFR is expected to enter Sustaining Support mode by early 2021.


EFP is one of Epicor’s most trusted add-on products to its ERP offerings. It has been around for years, offering a reliable budgeting and planning solution to customers. Financial process automation is at the heart of what it does.


The launch of Financial Reports by EFP is a testament to EFP’s dedication and commitment to be the software of choice in its serviced market. With Financial Reports by EFP fills the void in financial reporting left by AFR.


Financial Reports by EFP will serve as one of three migration paths that AFR users can choose from in their quest to find a dynamic and modern reporting solution.

Financial Reports by EFP offers reliable reporting capabilities that allow its customers to build standard financial reports through sophisticated financial and operational modeling. It harnesses the web’s power and convenience as it offers a wide range of financial reporting capabilities.


General ledger connection, cash flow automation, drill down to financial transactions, server-based business rules automation, and the ability to download web reports into Excel are some of the basic FP&A features it offers. 


New users of Financial Reports by EFP will enjoy advanced security and organization setup, advanced scenario management, and multiple hierarchies for accounts and dimensions.

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One of the great things about this product is that it is a genuinely scalable reporting solution. As the business’ reporting needs continue to grow, EFP offers an expansive functionality product that is fully unified, offering that addresses each phase of its growth requirement using the same product. As you decide to by EFP as a reporting solution, you can easily upgrade to EFP Basic, EFP Standard, or EFP The Works to ensure all needs are met for automation of reporting, budgeting, and financial consolidation.


Financial Reports by EFP bring its customers a revolutionary change in the way they execute their finance processes. Jan Morath, the CEO of DSPanel - the company behind EFP, has this to say, 

“EFP is known internally within Epicor as the budgeting and planning solution of choice for on-premises and cloud ERP deployments, but I think many people do not realize that EFP is so much more than that. 


From the get-go, EFP was designed to be a full CPM solution. This means that we have been in the financial reporting arena for a very long time, even though we have never actively marketed it as such. We have live customers using EFP as a reporting solution for years, and we have learned many things in the last ten years on improving stability and performance.


Being in the reporting arena for over a decade puts us at a distinct advantage because this area is harder than it seems. Supporting high volumes of data, supporting transactional data processing, and coming forward with smart and automated financial reports are easier said than done.


All these being part of EFP’s area of expertise ensures that we can deliver a financial reporting solution with a high degree of confidence that it will fulfill its promises. I am glad we can finally market EFP as a robust reporting tool. A dedicated Report edition of EFP is something we wanted to do for a very long time. I’m excited we are finally here.


I hope that Financial Reports by EFP will be seen by many as the premium solution for Epicor customers reporting needs. This package is undoubtedly a cost-effective and straightforward yet reliable migration path for AFR users.”


To know more about the migration path from AFR to Financial Reports by EFP, contact the Epicor Sales team or your assigned customer account manager. Alternatively, you can email info@dspanel.com to request a demo, trial, or to ask any question.

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