EFP- Top 5 Performing Content for 2022  

16.12.22 01:04 PM By admin

On this end-of-year special, we give you a quick round-up of our top five performing content for 2022 that you may have missed out on.  


1. The Importance of Budget Variance Analysis in Your Business Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting 

     C-suites and finance teams should consider not just the numbers itself but percentages in their budget variance analysis to carefully explore profit margins and how this affects their company’s overall performance or sales.  

 In this article, discover the top reasons companies can benefit significantly from budget variance analysis. 

2. EFP at Epicor Insights 2022 

     Explore the latest from the EFP team with our EFP sessions at Insights!  


3. Epicor Financial Planner Successfully Attends Epicor Ignite FY2023 

     The previous fiscal year was hectic and thrilling. In the last year, the EFP line of products has not only delivered timely, innovative, and new financial reporting & consolidation capabilities for finance teams, it has obsessed over listening to the pulse of the EFP users. This is a testament to the EFP team´s commitment to a consistent upward thrust of the quality of EFP offerings and their associated services. 

4. Podcast | Host Led | EFP Setting the record straight - Financial Reporting in Focus 

     Listen to this podcast episode on Corporate financial reporting and why all companies need a reporting tool. It also explores whether they need a separate financial reporting software when they already have an ERP system that has reporting capabilities.  


5. Webinar: Catching Up On The Latest In Epicor Financial Planner 

     Check out this pre-recorded webinar and get a walkthrough on the latest features and significant enhancements of Epicor Financial Planner that you may or may not know yet.  


Explore how Epicor Financial Planner can help you streamline your financial operations for 2023. Book a free demo with EFP today. 


Real Tips on How to Achieve a Seamless Budgeting Process

An organization’s budgeting process involves estimating the costs and revenues generated by the company’s operations and then making strategic plans based on those estimates. 

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