Epicor Financial Planner: You Requested, We Listened

24.08.17 04:00 AM By Admin

What´s new and exciting in EFP´s latest 1.4 release?

More and more customers are enjoying the benefits of having Epicor Financial Planner as a unified reporting and budgeting solution.

During the initial stages of the implementation of EFP, it is not uncommon that majority of the customers usually start out uncertain about whether they are going to use

EFP for reporting in addition to using it as a budgeting solution.

This is mostly because EFP is primarily marketed as a budgeting solution. However, a growing number of customers are realizing that Epicor Financial Planner´s reporting capability is as powerful as its budgeting and consolidation capabilities. This is precisely why over the last year, there has been a significant number of customers and consultants both within and outside Epicor recommending the solution.

In the last year, the Epicor Financial Planner team received a lot of requests for enhancements especially from those that have been using EFP for at least a year because now they are starting to have these light bulb moments when they realize that there is so much potential in the solution for future use within the organization beyond what they thought they could use it for.

So the EFP team in the last couple of months has been spending a lot of time collating all these requests during the customer or user conferences or during online meetings and then sending it to the development team in order to incorporate all these functionality requests to the latest version of EFP – 1.4. After all, the solution can only be as good as its latest enhancements.

In this regard, there are a few exciting functionality enhancements that you can see incorporated in EFP 1.4.
  1. The Introduction of Report Drill Through
  • EFP now has a drill page. This means you can drill from GL transactions to Journal detail and you can even drill into sub ledgers. To illustrate you can drill from report to GL Journal detail to AR to Invoice to order.
  1. Filter values can now be set by report and for the full EFP system
  • This is one of the most requested feature by different users on how to improve report usability. With the latest version of EFP, you can now set default filter values by report and for the system, not just by user which it previously was.
  1. You can now schedule Business Rule Execution
  • With EFP´s latest 1.4 version, you can now easily control scheduling of business rule execution by list from within the modeler.
  1. Business Process and Business Rule dimensions are now enhanced
  • This feature has improved the detailed granularity in order to enhance data tracking and reconciliation.
  1. Epicor Multi-tenant Cloud ERP is now Connected
  • Cloud EFP is ready. This has been in the works for a couple of months now and with the latest release, Epicor multi-tenant cloud ERP is now connected.

It is worth noting that while this is already ready on the EFP side, the availability of this is within Epicor´s discretion. So for those who want to be beta customers, it is best to contact your CAM so they can coordinate with the EFP product marketing team.

  1. Full Account now automatically follows account hierarchy
  • When you use full account dimension, it will now automatically be set according to the hierarchy as defined in account dimension.
  1. EFP Foundation now upgraded
  • There has also been some enhancements in installation and integration. The Epicor Planner foundation is also now upgraded to version 4.
  1. Report can now be created or edited by Non-Admin users
  • In some circumstances, reports could not be saved into the personal library but with EFP 1.4, the team has made sure that this feature now works as expected.
Of course the previous enhancements from 1.3 are also included and they are as follows:
  1. Multiple Currencies per Entity/ Book
  • It is now possible to budget in multiple currencies within one Entity/ Book
  1. New Full_Account support
  • Data markers for valid combinations are stored in Account
  • Optional separate dimension holding all valid combinations of segments
  1. Profitability Analysis Add-on package (new)
  • Multi-dimensional Profitability Analysis
  • Enables Full Virtual P&L by Customer, Product, Project etc.
  • Reports answering questions like “Who are you 10 least profitable customers?”
  • Increases Accuracy and Focus of Business Planning Process
  • Fully integrated with Financial Budgeting
  1. Advanced Financials Add-on package (improved)
  • New Advanced Financials report package
  • Short term cashflow based on AR/AP and manual input
  1. Sales Add-on package (new)
  • Sales actuals data loaded from ERP
  • Enables Unified Budgeting and Reporting based on Sales statistics from ERP
  • Automated business rule based integration with Financial Budgets & Forecasts
  1. ERP Systems Support
  • Epicor ERP 10.1 multiple budget support
  • Epicor iScala 3.0 support
  1. Enhanced Epicor Integration control and setup
  • Dimension and Member detailed control
  • Renaming option
  • Enhanced Mapping

Ready to Upgrade?

With all these enhancements in place, are you ready to upgrade to the latest version of EFP?

If you want to see EFP 1.4 in action, visit www.dsp.se or email info@dspanel.com to request for an online demo.

You may also speak with one of our in-house EFP consultants if you have questions about specific functionalities or implementation time estimates. Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.