Epicor FP&A Ignites Better Partner & Customer Collaboration at Insights 2023

24.05.23 11:04 AM By Admin
Epicor Insights 2023 came by in a flash with the team at Epicor FP&A holding key sessions and dates on May 15- 18 at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. 

Epicor Financial Planner has announced at Insights that it has rebranded to Epicor FP&A to better reflect the completeness of its offering. With the rebrand, Epicor FP&A hopes to stand out as more than just a financial budgeting and planning solution — it also offers financial and operational reporting, budgeting and forecasting, KPI monitoring, consolidation, and simple dashboarding. 

Epicor, an internationally renowned provider of industry-specific enterprise software, showcased its vision of the future at Insights 2023. 

The event focused on elevating businesses with Epicor and touched on the connected Data Supply Chain, aiming to assist Makers, Movers, and Sellers in harnessing valuable insights to enhance and streamline their operations. 

The event also fostered better collaboration with trusted partners and industry ecosystems, fostering a vibrant and adaptable supply chain. 


The Epicor FP&A team was happily reunited with friends, partners, and customers alike from past Insights events. One of these was Wearwell’s Director of Finance and Accounting, Phil, who spoke at one of the sessions at Insights and shared how Epicor FP&A has allowed his team to be in a good place with their reporting, budgeting, and consolidation processes. 

He happily answered the questions of several finance people in attendance and offered to keep his line open for those who have more questions after the session / after Insights. 

Throughout the event, attendees saw several demonstrations first-hand that showcase the company’s Data Supply Chain approach in action, including: 

  • Grow, the Epicor Data Platform 

  • Machine learning forecasting & automated reporting powered by Epicor FP&A 

  • Predictive Analytics Powered by ChatGPT 

  • Supplier Integration Across Industry Ecosystems 

  • People-Centric Automation and Experiences 

According to Vaibhav Vohra, Chief Product Officer of Epicor, Epicor is dedicated to empowering every level of our customers' workforce, from management to the front lines and hope to provide them with access to a realm of exciting opportunities, where work processes and collaboration within vital industries can be revolutionized. 


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