Webinar: Configuring Epicor Financial Planner Report Templates (P&L, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash flow) 

21.10.20 01:21 PM By Admin

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Webinar: Configuring EFP Report Templates (P&L, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash flow)

Today´s business climate requires all finance teams to look into their current processes and how they produce reports to improve their flexibility to adjust their metrics, respond to stressors, and adapt to current market conditions. 

Introducing EFP´s ready-to-use Report templates. EFP allows for complete process optimization and accurate financial reporting. To cover the different financial report templates you can use and modify within EFP, a Reports template webinar will be taking place in March. 

See what report templates come out-of-the-box with EFP and how easily you can modify these reports to suit your unique business needs. Learn how to configure reports for their entities, branches, departments, products, and more. 

In this webinar, we will go through the following: 

The Importance of Moving from Spreadsheet Reporting to Dynamic Web Reporting

A look at the Report Templates that come for free within EFP 

Configuring EFP´s Web Report Templates - P&L, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash flow)

Automatic Consolidation of month-end reports 

EFP Home Page for Reports Overview 

Other Customizable Reports you can make within EFP 

Financial Reporting Security 

See the report templates within EFP, understand the advantages of EFP´s web reporting, and understand the security implemented across the tool. 

EFP SaaS reports work for ERP systems deployed on-premises or in the cloud so join us and see why many customers are choosing EFP as their single Reporting and Budgeting solution of choice. 


Hakan Ebersjo
CCO - DSPanel

Hakan Eberso has over 25 years experience in providing consultation services to Epicor Customers. He is now the CCO of DSPanel, the company behind Epicor Financial Planner. 

Key specialties:
Finance, Budgeting & Forecasting

Reporting & Analysis 

About Epicor Financial Planner

Epicor Financial Planner (EFP) delivers full financial reporting, planning, budgeting, performance management, and consolidation capabilities that complement your selected combination of ERP and line of business systems. It is designed to support a multitude of moderately complex to very complex business issues and is designed to scale as your business grows in revenue and complexity. Contact us here to book a demo.