Webinar: Achieving A Painless Migration of Your Preferred Reports and Budgets into EFP from Excel and other Systems

07.07.22 09:44 AM By Admin

Achieving A Painless Migration of Your Preferred Reports and Budgets into EFP from Excel and other Systems

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The conversations among CFOs and finance managers today are no longer about why businesses need to move to the cloud but how businesses should move to minimize disruptions and maximize advantage.

The barriers brought about by fear and lack of understanding have been broken down, that talks are now centered on product resilience and the right partnerships. However, for many finance analysts or CFOs, beginning the migration from Excel Spreadsheets or another reporting system can still be daunting. This is all because there are specific report formats or budget sheets they like from their current system. The problem is that it is not always possible to recreate the same reports in a new system, or at least many solutions out there do not support it in an excellent and cost-efficient way.

EFP brings you a smooth and painless way of moving your preferred reports and budget sheet formats into EFP without requiring much effort. EFP brings you its newest capabilities that allow you to recreate those reports that work and that you like easily and quickly.

EFP Webinar on Painless Migration of Reports and Budgets from other systems

Join the webinar and witness the newest capabilities within EFP that will allow you to recreate your preferred report and budget sheets format within EFP while ensuring you are not met with the same perennial problems. In addition, EFP will show you a different and effective way of reporting, budgeting & forecasting, and consolidating than you do today.

In this webinar, we will answer the following questions:
  • If I want to switch from my current reporting or budgeting system to EFP, what capabilities do I lose or gain?
  • How can I migrate specific report and budget formats into EFP?
  • Do I need a consultant to recreate my preferred reports and budgets?
  • What out-of-the-box features do I get with EFP?
  •  How long does it take to implement EFP?

Watch this webinar and learn how EFP can give you a successful and painless migration path towards improved Reporting and Budgeting.


Hakan Ebersjo

Hakan Ebersjo has over 25 years experience in providing consultation services to Epicor Customers. He is now the CCO of DSPanel, the company behind Epicor Financial Planner.