Webinar: Digital Transformation Challenges - Start on The Right Track with Epicor Financial Planner  

16.09.22 07:17 AM By Admin

Digital Transformation Challenges: Start on The Right Track with Epicor Financial Planner 

About the Webinar: 

Only 30% of digital transformations succeed. 

Many fail because of not being able to meet their desired outcomes – in quality, time and costs. A lot of companies are also unable to meet deadlines, fail to stay within budget and are unable to achieve their key objectives. 

With this in mind, many organizations struggle to invest in a new digital transformation solution that fits into their business's needs. This is especially true when looking for a solution that can streamline their entire FP&A process, trusting that their data remains intact and secure when using the new solution. 

Choosing the right digital transformation solution also involves significant time and investment costs from licensing, consulting, and staff onboarding. That is why the entire process of selecting a CPM solution can take somewhere between 3 months to 2 years, depending on how badly the company needs to have a solution in place, the bidding/budget approval process, and resource availability. 

This webinar will discuss how easy it is to implement Epicor Financial Planner as a CPM solution and learn about its capabilities as a CPM solution. 


  • EFP as a CPM solution - its features and capabilities   
  • Technical Requirements of EFP 
  • EFP Implementation Checklist 
  • Key successes and risk factors when implementing EFP 

View the webinar recording on Digital Transformation Challenges and How to Start on The Right Track with Epicor Financial Planner hosted by our seasoned FP&A consultants. 


Randy Smith


Randy Smith is a technology sales professional with vast experience in all aspects of technology from an Enterprise and Global perspective. He has done business on all parts of the globe and is equally comfortable wherever his clients might be. Sales, Sales Development, Channel Development, Alliance (ISV) Development and Management and Sales Management are his strong suits.