Los Altos, California - Epicor Financial Planner (EFP), a complete FP&A solution, has announced the release of its new SaaS reporting package – Financial Reports by EFP.


The release of this new reporting package is an answer to Epicor no longer delivering enhancements on AFR as of...

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Over the years, most companies have recognized the arduous journey of budgeting and planning. The dissatisfaction in the budgeting process is undeniable, and some may even consider it as a should-be obsolete function because it takes up so much time but yields irrelevant results.

The typical scenario...

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A good businessman is a good planner, organizer, director, and executor. This fact especially applies to the management of the finances of one's business. But how important is this in a company? And why should one be critical in choosing the best financial management software to assist in financial ...

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Financial reports serve a variety of reasons and one of which is to serve the interests of investors and corporate executives. Financial statements are supposed to inform investors of the periodic performance of the business and its real financial health. They are also meant to allow investors to mo...

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Epicor Financial Planner or EFP is Epicor´s go-to-subscription solution for budgeting and planning. For years, people have heard its budgeting and planning abilities and how it has helped hundreds of customers optimize and automate the entire budgeting process.

However, EFP offers far more than just ...

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