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Financial Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting in the Current Business Climate

Successful businesses consist mainly of the right choices, among which is how to go about in its financial budgeting. 

The current trend in the corporate world has placed greater importance in budgeting, planning, and forecasting (BP&F). This is a system of operation usually managed by ...

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EFP´s Best Practice Reporting

Many consultants and Epicor partners are aware of EFP´s robust reporting abilities. However, there are still many customers that are not aware of this which is why during solution evaluation phase of customers, they are somehow shocked when their trusted consultants push forward EFP as a reporting s...

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New in EFP - E-Report Freeze

Epicor Financial Planner recently introduced a simple yet useful feature for financial reporting called E-Report Freeze.

This is a feature that has been specifically requested by several business users to make working across the organization easier.

So, what is E-Report Freeze?

E-Report Freeze is a ver...

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