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Epicor Financial Planner is a new generation of finance process automation solution that helps finance teams efficiently handle vast amounts of data in a short period of time. 

EFP works natively with cloud or on premises ERP systems: Kinetic, Epicor ERP, iScala, Enterprise, P21, and other external ERP systems


Cloud Epicor Financial Planner has four (4) available packages: Financial Reports by EFP, Basic, Standard,  and The Works. These packages include many features which can later then be upgraded with content packs.

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Additional Modules for EFP

EFP Standard and EFP The works allow you to supplement your reporting and budgeting solution. Note that Financial Reports by EFP and EFP Basic DO NOT have add-on modules option. The minimum package for this has to be EFP Standard. 

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What are the SaaS Packages of EFP?

Financial Reports by EFP

Made specifically for your financial reporting needs. Best for organizations looking for financial reporting on the web.

EFP Basic

The most affordable package for basic financial reporting and budgeting. Best for small to medium companies.

EFP Standard

The most popular package with advanced web and excel features for reporting and budgeting for medium to large companies.

EFP the Works

Premium package with the complete features and advanced capabilities of EFP. Best for medium to large companies.








The most affordable Web Reporting only package of EFP

Smart & reliable finance process automation solution 

What is Financial Reports by EFP?

Financial Reports by EFP is the most affordable package in the EFP family. This is the perfect package to start out your finance improvement journey with EFP.

It is a web reporting only package, but it has everything you need for a quick and accurate generation of financial statements.

With financial reports by EFP, you can get General ledger connection for a robust web financial reporting, the option to download web reports into Excel, subscribe to reports feature, drill functionality, server-based business rules automation, 1 reporting currency, cash flow automation, 1 reporting currency, 1 legal entity, and 1 production environment.

If you need budgeting functionalities, access to book publisher, support for more than 1 currency, a set-up of more than 1 legal entity in the system or the option to add an additional module, you are better off using EFP Basic or Standard.

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The basic but full-bodied EFP package for Reporting & Budgeting

Smart & reliable finance process automation solution 

What is EFP Basic?

The most affordable package of EFP is Financial Reports by EFP but this package is only focused on financial web reporting. EFP Basic is the next most affordable one that contains budgeting features. 

With EFP Basic you can get financial reporting (both in Web and Excel), in-line analytics in web reports, text comments in reports, 1 reporting currency, 1 legal entity, and 1 production environment. 

If you have E7/Enterprise and iScala ERP system, you are better off with SaaS EFP Standard as EFP Basic will not allow native integration to those systems.

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The Reporting and Budgeting package with an excellent value for money 

Smart & reliable finance process automation solution 

What is EFP Standard?

The most affordable package of EFP is Financial Reports by EFP but this package is only focused on financial web reporting. EFP Basic is the next most affordable one that contains basic budgeting features. EFP Standard is the package above EFP Basic.

Majority of EFP customers today are on EFP Standard because this package contains all the advanced web and Excel reporting & budgeting features as well as the web & excel consolidation features. 

The capabilities in Standard that do not exist in Basic or Financial Reports are - Book publisher for distributing Excel/PDF reports, advanced commentary journalism, unlimited reporting currencies, 10 legal entities that can be set up in the system included in the package, advanced Excel input sheets and reports, and the possibility to add modules. With EFP Standard, you also get a production and a test environment.
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The premium package of EFP

Smart & reliable finance process automation solution 

What is EFP The Works?

The most affordable package of EFP is Financial Reports by EFP but this package is only focused on financial web reporting. EFP Basic is the next most affordable one that contains budgeting features. EFP Standard is the package above EFP Basic which contains advanced web and Excel Reporting and Budgeting features.

EFP The Works is the premium package of Epicor Financial Planner. This package contains all the complete features of EFP and is widely used by many finance departments with advanced reporting, budgeting, and consolidation needs.

The capabilities found only in The Works are as follows: unlimited reporting and budgeting currencies, unlimited legal entities that can be set up in the system, audit trail, commissions calculation, the ability to add models to extend to any process or data source, Advanced business rules setup, inter-model business logic, unlimited number of source systems supported, 4 EFP environments included (prod, test, dev, UA), 5 SaaS instances, native connection to on premises ERP systems E7 and iScala.

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What are the key features of EFP?

Ready to use Reports

Take advantage of reports such as P&L, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, commission reports, trial balance and more that are readily available within EFP.

Download Reports and Budgets to Excel

EFP has report templates that are ready for you to use. You can also create reports from scratch using its report wizard. One of the key advantages of EFP is the power of its report formatting. It is easy to use yet advanced making report formatting a breeze.

Machine learning Forecasts

EFP´s budget prediction is powered by machine learning. With just a simple click of a button, you can create predictions based on various models such as 36 months actuals. EFP looks at prior data and matches which machine learning model is most suitable to that data set. You can even see which model is used and why and then use that prediction as the user´s first forecast draft for finetuning. This drastically improves your way of budgeting. 

Multi-level approval workflow

EFP takes pride in its pragmatic workflow. It is a workflow that is easy to follow and a workflow that makes sense for finance teams. In the approval process, EFP offers you multi-level approvals to capture your organization´s way of working.

Scenario management

EFP´s scenario management is designed to guide you through uncertainty by allowing you to contemplate on various possibilities. You can have multiple/unlimited scenarios in EFP to ensure you can look into all potential paths of possibilities.

Currency / FX handling

EFP allows you to report and budget in as many currencies as your business uses. 

Business rules automation

EFP allows you to decide which business rules you want to implement across your organization. EFP then automates these business rules or business logic to ensure standardization and consistency in its application.

Simple and Advanced Consolidation

EFP´s consolidation capability is robust and it ranges from simple consolidation to highly advanced consolidation.

Is EFP the right solution for you?

Does SaaS EFP only work with SaaS ERP systems?

No. SaaS EFP (whether basic, Standard or The Works) work for ERP systems deployed in the cloud or on premises. You do NOT need to have on premises EFP if you have your ERP system on premises. In fact, we strongly recommend SaaS EFP products because it contains more capabilities than the on premises one.

How does EFP work?

EFP pulls data directly from your ERP system (whether deployed in the cloud or on-premises). This means that EFP initially follows the account mapping in your general ledger to start with. If you want to change how certain items are mapped, you have the power to do this within EFP while leaving your ERP data intact to ensure GL integrity.

Is EFP complex to use and implement?

EFP is a deep and feature-packed tool. It is known to solve complex challenges in finance but just because it can handle complex issues with ease does not mean it can solve only complex issues. EFP is used by finance customers across industries for issues ranging from very simple to highly complex. EFP strikes a balance between ease of use and deep capabilities.

When it comes to implementation, EFP has adopted measures to streamline the implementation of EFP bringing down the number of hours needed to implement EFP ranging from 20 hours – 100 hours depending on scope.

“I wanted to be able to measure customers on a global consolidated level such as sales data, order data, and gross profit and margin not only in a single country. I wanted to measure KPIs such as quality, delivery positions, and number of customer visits among others. All these are possible to measure with Epicor Financial Planner today."


Why Choose EFP?

Complete Finance Process Automation 

Streamlining & automating finance processes is the core of EFP

Powerful Business Rules Automation 

Automate complex tasks with rules

Personalized Dashboard 

A curated view to highlight numbers that matter to you

The Best Practices Approach 

Always the ideal way of working

Ease of Use 

Heavy focus on user acceptance and ease of use

Quick Implementation 

Quicker time to productivity

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

A real step towards the future of FP&A

Power BI Support 

A complete picture of your business

Did you know that there is a growing number of customers shifting to EFP for reporting and budgeting? The reason they shift to EFP are as follows:

  • Customers realized after a while that EFP´s web and Excel reporting capabilities are superior to that of its competitors. Creating reports and formatting reports is quick and easy with EFP.
  • Dashboards in EFP require no coding at all to set up keeping true to its promise of a non-technical solution for finance and business users.
  • The budgeting features of EFP are deeper and more sophisticated than the alternatives in the market. Capabilities like allocations, machine learning-powered budget predictions, multi-level approval, scenario management, FX and HR budgeting, commissions calculations, consolidation features, and support for IFRS and GAAP are a few of the capabilities in EFP not found in other solutions.
  • Many solutions in the market claim to be easier and faster to implement than EFP which in some cases might be true. However, once the customer starts using them, they quickly stumble into a functionality limitation whereby they cannot do many things they would have wanted to do in terms of reporting and budgeting or consolidation. In EFP, hours are streamlined for implementation and the ability to scale is truly wide and far-reaching because of its modular approach.
  • Customers with high volume of data suffer from performance lag with other products whereas this is not a problem with EFP. EFP is designed from the ground up to handle transactional data processing making its performance superior to that of its competitors.

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Words from our CEO

“EFP is known internally within Epicor as the budgeting and planning solution of choice for on-premises and cloud ERP deployments, but I think many people do not realize that EFP is so much more than that. From the get-go, EFP was designed to be a full CPM solution. This means that we have been in the financial reporting arena for a very long time, even though we have never actively marketed it as such. We have live customers using EFP as a reporting solution for years, and we have learned many things in the last 20 years on improving stability and performance.

Being in the reporting arena for over two decades puts us at a distinct advantage because this area is harder than it seems. Supporting high volumes of data, supporting transactional data processing, and coming forward with smart and automated financial reports are easier said than done. All these being part of EFP´s area of expertise ensures that we can deliver a financial reporting solution with a high degree of confidence that it will fulfill its promises. I am glad we can finally market EFP as a robust reporting tool. This is something we have wanted to do for a very long time. I´m excited we are finally here. Please avail of our 30-day trial and see for yourself. There is no better judge for this product than you.”

- Jan Morath, CEO, DSPanel