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Can you trust your numbers?

Trusting your financial records is crucial to tracking and measuring performance. It is also synonymous with business growth. Without it, it can be difficult to craft the right strategy that can help your business scale.

Luckily, Financial Reports by EFP allows you to take ownership and effective control over your data as it boosts reporting transparency and accountability across the organization.

Why do you need EFP for reporting when you have your ERP financials?

If you are wondering why you need an add-on product like EFP for your reporting needs when you have just invested in an ERP system, this is because an ERP system only provides limited operational reports. In addition, financial statements are not included in its out of the box offerings.

This is where EFP comes in handy - EFP will allow you to create P&L, Balance sheet, cash flow statements as well as build other custom, on demand reports through its easy to use, drag and drop report wizard. It will even allow you to build more complex reports through its built-in business rules automation engine.

Will Financial Reports by EFP replace AFR?

Yes, it will. The AFR product has been pulled out of Epicor´s price list and is now moved to a sustained engineering mode. This means it will only receive bug fixes, no further product enhancements are planned.

Financial Reports by EFP offers AFR users an easy and cost-effective migration path to ensure you can continue to enjoy an evolutionary and well supported reporting solution now and in the future.

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Will Financial Reports by EFP work only for Cloud ERP deployments?

Financial Reports by EFP work with both on-premises and cloud deployments. In fact, it is a reporting solution known to maintain stellar performance regardless of the deployment mode of the ERP system.

What do I get if I purchase Financial Reports by EFP?

Financial Reports by EFP gives you web financials reporting, the ability to download web reports into Excel, cash flow automation, drill down to transactions, General ledger connection, server-based business rules automation, advanced security and organization setup, advanced scenario management, and standard user management. You also get multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-hierarchical support.

Which ERP systems does EFP work with?

EFP has native integration with Epicor ERP, Epicor iScala, Epicor Enterprise, and P21. EFP also integrates with non-Epicor ERP systems whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Why should I choose EFP over the other reporting solutions?

End to End Solution

High Volume Support

Real-time Collaboration

Financial Process Automation

Here are 10 reasons why you should choose EFP

  • EFP is the only reporting solution with financial process automation as its core architecture.
  • EFP is the only reporting solution that is designed to do transactional data processing. Solutions that aren´t designed from the ground up to do transactional data processing encounter performance issues in the long run.
  • EFP was designed as a full CPM suite which means reporting is part of its core area of expertise. EFP also easily becomes a cost-effective choice since it can handle reporting, budgeting, and consolidation in 1 platform.
  • EFP is the only reporting solution that is compatible with MS Power BI.
  • EFP is the only solution that provides online, real-time collaboration where each member can submit, approve or reject any cell or entire sheets in the workflow thereby minimizing lengthy and inefficient steps in the financial process.
  • EFP is the only solution that gives you CAPEX reports with capabilities such as custom depreciation methods, internal rules, straight line or double declining balances, custom schedules, and more.
  • EFP is the only reporting solution that will allow you to setup a full user hierarchy that reflects the way your organization is set up. Each user (with long term leave or resignation) can be replaced easily for each task in the process. 
  • EFP is the only solution that is confident enough to offer a free 30 day trial or a try before you buy campaign so users can assess for themselves if EFP delivers on its promises.
  • EFP is a truly scalable solution offering users unlimited upgrade possibilities through its expansive functionality packaging.
  • EFP is the only reporting solution that allows you to write back to your Epicor ERP system.

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Words from our CEO

“EFP is known internally within Epicor as the budgeting and planning solution of choice for on-premises and cloud ERP deployments, but I think many people do not realize that EFP is so much more than that. From the get-go, EFP was designed to be a full CPM solution. This means that we have been in the financial reporting arena for a very long time, even though we have never actively marketed it as such. We have live customers using EFP as a reporting solution for years, and we have learned many things in the last 20 years on improving stability and performance.

Being in the reporting arena for over two decades puts us at a distinct advantage because this area is harder than it seems. Supporting high volumes of data, supporting transactional data processing, and coming forward with smart and automated financial reports are easier said than done. All these being part of EFP´s area of expertise ensures that we can deliver a financial reporting solution with a high degree of confidence that it will fulfill its promises. I am glad we can finally market EFP as a robust reporting tool. This is something we have wanted to do for a very long time. I´m excited we are finally here. Please avail of our 30-day trial and see for yourself. There is no better judge for this product than you.”

- Jan Morath, CEO, DSPanel