Sales Budgeting and Reporting Optimization with EFP

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Unknown to many, EFP has that unique ability to load Sales Ledger from Epicor and other systems. This means that we have that power to load sales data down to each product and each order, which will allow you to budget and report by product, by sales order, and by salesperson. You can even do commissions calculations and base your budget on that.

In this webinar, we will show you how these sales figures will look like in the system and how the sales process flows through the entire organization.

This webinar will endeavor to answer the following questions:
  • Can EFP drive a sales management workflow from sales associates to sales managers to finance with reliable traceability?
  • Can EFP track the product my account managers have sold to my customers in a simple, straightforward way?
  • Can EFP allow me to do cost budgeting?
  • Can EFP do quantity-based budgets based on the price list?
  • Can I budget in multiple customer-preferred currencies?
  • Can EFP help me track order stocks over time?
  • Can EFP post back to the workbench for MRP calculation?
  • Can EFP help me determine how much it will cost me to manufacture existing orders?
  • Can EFP help me calculate real order sales margin?
  • Can EFP identify my ten most and least profitable products?
If these problems are familiar to you then learn how EFP optimizes sales for reporting and budgeting purposes within the finance department.


Hakan Ebersjo

CCO, DSPanel

Hakan Eberso has over 25 years experience in providing consultation services to Epicor Customers. He is now the CCO of DSPanel, the company behind Epicor Financial Planner. 

Key specialties: Finance, Budgeting & Forecasting  |   Reporting & Analysis